Melinda Mandell Interior Design: Palo Alto Interior Design

Design Philosophy

Exceptional interiors are meaningful and life-enhancing. Significant design is found in the union of art and function. It takes the eye and experience of a skilled designer to bring quality interiors to life.

With my training and expertise I offer clients the resources to bring everything together. My value is not only in my aesthetic, but in my enthusiasm, intuitive nature, and the intentional details in every element I design. The finished product is a home that nurtures body and soul, reflecting my clients’ personality, and supporting their lifestyle.

About Me

As principal designer, I am dedicated to the details of my clients’ day-to-day lives, and understand how each of the smallest decisions affects the function of their homes. I thrive off of designer-client relationships, and love collaborating to create the beautiful, custom homes they desire.

I began my career at Jenifer Bevan Interiors; working with elite and international clientele. In 2011 I launched Melinda Mandell Interior Design. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working closely with clients across California to create homes that are tailored just for them.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Seattle Pacific University and further honed my skills at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. My enthusiasm, confidence, and attention to detail make me a sought after interior designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with me is fun – and my clients come back to me with consecutive projects.

Silicon Valley, with its culture of innovation, is a wonderful home for my husband and me and our English Bulldog, Freddie. Current obsessions are collecting vintage ceramics, restoring our 1960 Ford, and perfecting the gluten free chocolate chip cookie.